Callahan Blames Hecklers

From Associated Press

Nebraska Coach Bill Callahan said his outburst directed at Oklahoma fans was prompted by a group of student hecklers who were allowed to get close to his players during warmups and fans’ throwing oranges on the field.

As he walked toward the locker room after Nebraska’s 30-3 loss Saturday, Callahan looked into the stands and called Sooner fans “hillbillies,” while using an expletive.

“I’m an emotional guy, and I’m a competitive coach, and on the field I stick up for my players,” Callahan said Monday during the Big 12 coaches’ teleconference.

“I don’t think any team should be subjected to the type of treatment we were subjected to in that particular contest.”



The Southeastern Conference’s supervisor of officials, Bobby Gaston, said a Louisiana State player should have been called for pass interference on an end-zone interception against Alabama in the third quarter. Alabama led at the time, 10-6, but lost, 26-10.