Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, 73; Advocated ‘Water Cure’

From Staff and Wire Reports

Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, 73, whose “water cure” suggested that many degenerative diseases and other illnesses were simply the result of dehydration, died of pneumonia Nov. 15 at a hospital in Fairfax, Va.

The physician outlined the remedy in his 1992 book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water.” He wrote that a variety of maladies, including asthma, arthritis, back pain, migraines, high blood pressure, heartburn, muscular dystrophy and multiple sclerosis, could be prevented by the water cure.

Batmanghelidj urged that people drink far more water than most authorities recommended. He also advised eliminating caffeine and adding sea salt to the diet.


Born in Iran, Batmanghelidj attended Fettes College in Scotland and graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University.

He said he discovered the healing powers of water while treating fellow prisoners during the Iranian Revolution. After his release in 1982, he fled Iran and made his way to the United States, where he practiced medicine and conducted research, most recently in Falls Church, Va.