Abroad, Sony tops $1 billion

A Times staff writer

Propelled by “Spider-Man 2" and fairly solid business for smaller films such as “50 First Dates,” Sony Pictures Entertainment over the weekend became the third studio this year to cross the $1-billion mark overseas. Sony surpassed the domestic milestone last month, for a worldwide total gross to date of $2.043 billion.

It was the fifth time in company history that Sony hit $1 billion at the international box office, and the fourth on the domestic side, Vice Chairman Jeff Blake said.

Among studios this year, only Sony has topped $1 billion domestically, but Disney, whose movies have fared better abroad this year, passed $1 billion overseas in August. Warner Bros. crossed that threshold in June.

Preliminary results (in millions) based on studio projections.



*--* Movie 3-day ETD Total gross Shark Tale $31.7 $87.7

Friday Night Lights 20.6 20.6

Ladder 49 13.3 41.2

Taxi 12.1 12.7

The Forgotten 7.5 48.6

Raise Your Voice 4.6 4.6

Sky Captain and the 2.3 33.9 World of Tomorrow

Shaun of the Dead 1.6 9.3

The Motorcycle Diaries 1.4 3.2

Resident Evil: 1.3 49.0 Apocalypse 1.3 49.0


Source: Nielsen EDI Inc.

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