BCS Controversy Happens Sooner


If the BCS standings cannot get it right the first time, what makes you think that it will be correct at the end of the season?

Wayne Muramatsu



Once again, the voting members of the BCS need to check themselves for a pulse. While the two major polls had USC ranked No. 1, only four of the six human (I use that term loosely) voters had them at No. 1.

Once again Jeff Sagarin has placed USC below the top spot behind Miami and Oklahoma. I guess for Christmas I must get Jeff a television because he must’ve missed Miami’s last game when they squeaked by Louisville at home by three points.


Richard Billingsley is another uninformed voter. He picked Oklahoma over USC. He must not know that USC has beaten three top-25 teams while Oklahoma has beaten only one ... if you can even call Texas a team. Who are these idiots?

Geno Apicella



What planet is Pete Thomas on? He picked Navy over Notre Dame, Arizona State over USC, Purdue over Wisconsin, Virginia over Florida State and Oklahoma State over Texas A&M.; His only correct pick last week was California over UCLA.

Thanks for helping me out. I read Pete’s picks every week, and bet on the teams he says will lose. Keep up the good work, and thanks.

Aaron Baker

Culver City


I’m glad that the Bruins were not disgraced in their loss to Cal, and that they appear to be taking some small steps in the right direction. I’m sure that, in a few years, Karl Dorrell’s squad will continue to get better, and reach the heights of ... the Sun Bowl!

Jack Wolf