A wisdom for the ages

Re “Letting Go: Such Sweet Sorrow” [July 28]: I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I enjoyed Barbara King’s column about Horton Foote’s “auction-angst.” I had the opportunity to meet him many, many years ago when I was just starting out as a writer, and he has always been a massive influence through the beauty of his work.

His best stories were -- are -- always about letting go and moving on. Who else could possibly have transformed Harper Lee’s flawless book [“To Kill a Mockingbird”] into such a flawless screenplay? But what I remember most about the meeting was the way he spoke, and phrased, and that wonderful voice of his.

So as I grabbed The Times and checked into my hotel here in L.A., tired and jet-lagged, I plopped down on the bed and the paper fell open to the Home section (which I probably wouldn’t have read normally) and I commenced to follow the column when I quickly flashed on “Horton Foote/letting go/sweet sorrow.”

Your article really captured the man, for when he pointed out the full moon to you at story’s end, I could hear that voice and see that generous smile. Right here in my hotel room.


It was one of the most beautiful articles I’ve read about the man, ever.

Robert Lewis Galinsky

St. Kilda, Australia



I am not a fan-mail writer, but your piece on Foote this morning so touched me that I have to tell you.

What you did is so much more than reporting. It is your sensitivity to his age, his brilliance, his losses and his brave endurance that makes your writing so moving. And your quote from him at the very end is a gift of wisdom.

Thank you for your beautiful work. May you be healthy and live long.

Sarah Moskovitz


Pacific Palisades