Microsoft Sets Price for Xbox 360 Versions

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Microsoft Corp. said its next-generation Xbox 360 game console would cost $299 to $399 when the device is launched this holiday season.

The $299 version will come with a wired controller, but will not have the 20-gigabyte hard-disc drive, wireless controller, headset, Ethernet cable and wireless television remote control included in the $399 version.

Sony Corp., which said it would launch PlayStation 3 in the spring, has not released a price for its new console.


“This will put pressure on Sony come holiday of 2007 because by then Microsoft will cut their premium price to $299 or below, while the PS3 will still be north of $399,” said P.J. McNealey, an analyst at American Technology Research. Meanwhile, Nintendo Co. cut $20 off the price of its Dual Screen hand-held console to $129.99.

Alex Pham