More on deafness

MICHAEL CHOROST’S “Rebuilt” (Book Review, July 31) is a most interesting book about a highly sophisticated technical means of helping the deaf. There were two points in Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s review that bothered me. The review makes it seem that the cochlear implant is broadly accepted by the deaf community, but this is not true. Many are against it, especially for children. Also omitted was the fact that the conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh now uses cochlear implants. He has discussed them, their benefits and limitations several times on his program. I would think that such a prominent cheerleader would be worth mentioning. But I am not surprised at this omission.


Diamond Bar



I am happy for Michael Chorost and his success with the cochlear implant but disagree with the notion that “it will spell the end of the deaf community.” There are many deaf children who aren’t candidates for the implant, and this will probably always be true. In any case, Chorost is described by the reviewer as saying that the deaf community in America is a group whose “warmth, intimacy, and cohesiveness ... are legendary.” All other communities should be so lucky.


Los Angeles