Board Votes for Less Fat, Salt and Sugar in Menus at L.A. Schools

Times Staff Writer

The Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday unanimously adopted a proposal aimed at improving the nutritional value of school meals by reducing sodium and sugar and limiting fat content in campus menus.

The plan is part of the district’s ongoing effort to improve the health of its students.

In recent years, the Board of Education has also banned the sale of junk food and soda on campuses.

The new plan calls for limiting fat content in school meals to 35 grams and reducing sodium levels in meals by July 2008. It would also limit foods and pastries with high fructose corn syrup and other added sugars.

Tuesday’s motion also called for the district superintendent to increase student participation in the school breakfast, lunch and summer nutrition programs, and offer healthful choices to students, including fresh fruits, vegetables and salad bars.