Comcast to Offer Family Cable Package

From Reuters

No. 1 U.S. cable TV operator Comcast Corp. on Thursday said it would offer a package of family-oriented channels amid mounting pressure from regulators to help parents weed out racy shows.

The package will include 35 to 40 channels, most of them comprising the basic cable tier of national and local broadcast channels. An additional 16 channels include Disney and Nickelodeon, National Geographic, the Food Network, CNN Headline News and the Weather Channel.

Analysts said the move could appease regulator demands, but they could not estimate potential demand for the package.

“It’s very unclear whether consumers are going to be interested,” said independent analyst Richard Greenfield. “It’s still a very limited basket of channels.”


Last week, Time Warner Cable was the first to unveil a “family-oriented” package of television channels at about $33 per month.