Mike Love sues Brian Wilson

Beach Boy Mike Love filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on Wednesday against his cousin and founding Beach Boys member Brian Wilson, charging that a promotional campaign for Wilson’s 2004 “Smile” album injured Love professionally.

Love’s suit claims that the “Smile” promotion “shamelessly misappropriated Mike Love’s songs, likeness and the Beach Boys trademark.”

The suit also charges that the campaign included the giveaway in Britain of 2.6 million copies of a Beach Boys compilation album, hurting the sales of the group’s recordings.


The suit also names the British newspaper the Mail on Sunday and Sanctuary Records Group.

It asks that Wilson and the other defendants pay at least $1 million for international advertising “designed to correct the effects of its unfair competition and infringing uses” and seeks additional damages.

Wilson’s attorney Zia F. Modabber called the lawsuit meritless and said Wilson was saddened that his cousin “has sunk to these depths for his own financial gain.”

Randy Lewis