Instead of rebuilding, time to look elsewhere

“To rebuild New Orleans,” editorial, Sept. 21

I would like our leaders to also consider not rebuilding New Orleans for the following reasons:

* There is no guarantee that the city would not be submerged again from another hurricane, unless a new, costly levee system is built first.

* Many people whose homes were destroyed will resettle in other places with more jobs and less danger of losing lives and property.


* Our tax and donation dollars could be more efficiently spent on helping the needy people resettle outside New Orleans’ below-sea-level danger zone.


Huntington Beach



Re “If the politicians really want to help ... ,” Opinion, Sept. 20

Gerald Rafshoon and Doug Bailey urge Washington to “call a 90-day moratorium on campaign fundraising and both parties -- and all congressional incumbents -- should tithe from their campaign funds for Katrina relief.”

I would also extend this request to the energy and pharmaceutical industries, Halliburton, the Bush family and all other industries, lobbies, corporations, families and individuals who have benefited at the expense of the middle class and the poor in the United States during this administration.


Long Beach