At Least the Team Went Down Fighting

Times Staff Writer

After three seasons with the Clippers, Marko Jaric should be used to disappointment.

But after Serbia and Montenegro’s early loss at the European Championship at Belgrade, Jaric, now with the Minnesota Timberwolves, fought with teammate Igor Rakocevic. Vladimir Radmanovic and Dejan Tomasevic reportedly also brawled, causing Coach Zeljko Obradovic to resign.

“Their egos led to this shameful end,” Obradovic said.

“My mistake was not throwing three or four of them off the team. They hate each other so much that they don’t even look at each other. I’ve never seen such people before.”


At wit’s end: Asked if he would reconsider, Obradovic said: “That would lead me straight to a mad house. I’m already ready for an asylum. That’s how I feel. I wish my successor lots and lots of luck.”

Trivia time: Division II Pittsburg State in Kansas last season scored 837 points, a single-season record for college football. What school held the previous record and when was it set?

Bar hopping: Cricket player Freddie Flintoff told BBC Sport he was honored to have been given a key to Preston, England, after the British team won the coveted Ashes tournament.

“That means I can drive a flock of sheep through the town center, drink for free in no less than 64 pubs and get a lift home with the police when I become inebriated. What more could you want?” A bottle of aspirin.


Mother knows best: Derek Jeter’s mother, Dorothy, reveals that she communicates with her son during Yankee games.

“We communicate,” she says in a “60 Minutes” profile on the player Sunday. “Sometimes he’ll just stick his head up and [raise his eyes]. It means he’s going to try to hit a home run. I shouldn’t give that away, should I?”

Stubborn Cowboy: No need for Wyoming Coach Joe Glenn to elaborate on comments he made when asked how he felt about the Cowboys not being scheduled on Thursday or Friday night. “I’m absolutely for Saturday football,” he told the Denver Post. “Friday is for high school football, Saturday is for college football, and Sunday and Monday night are for pro football.”

Out of tune: The Des Moines Register reports that Cyclone linebacker “Sarge” Walker Scott, a U.S. Marine back from a tour of duty in Iraq, boasted of teaching the Iowa State fight song to all of the prisoners he helped capture. “What a great story. What a great man,” said Coach Dan McCarney.

Just what the enemy needs -- a fight song.

Bush league: From comedian Alex Kaseberg: “John Gotti Jr. skated on all racketeering charges. Again, not sure President Bush understands. When told John Gotti Jr. walked on all racketeering charges, Bush said, ‘We will continue to try and arrest everyone who makes illegal rackets whether for tennis, badminton or squash.’ ”

Trivia answer: Harvard scored 765 points in 1886.

And finally: Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle on major league baseball’s new comeback-player-of-the-year award, sponsored by Viagra: “I can’t wait to see the trophy.”