This Is Not the Time to Second-Guess Angels

The Angels give away Jose Guillen. David Eckstein and Troy Glaus are allowed to leave. Dallas McPherson has been injured most of the season. Garret Anderson and Vladimir Guerrero have missed chunks of games and Steve Finley appears to be over the hill.

So who do the brain-dead media blame for the Angels’ relative lack of hitting this season? Mickey Hatcher!

Gee, who was the hitting coach for the Angels during all their recent great offensive years? I guess Hatcher’s now supposed to turn the proverbial sow’s ear into a silk purse.

No doubt the rest of the AL West would be overjoyed if the Angels replaced him. I understand Jack Clark is available.



Los Angeles


Those of us fans who are fond of criticizing Mike Scioscia for some of his on-field decisions, should at least give him credit for one thing -- his attitude toward second-guessing. He was quoted recently as saying, “Second-guessing is a part of baseball. I have absolutely no problem with it.” Few of us would last very long in a job where all of our decisions are entirely visible and open to criticism by countess thousands of people.



Newport Beach