USC Games Are Quite an Experience

I went to my first USC game of the year Saturday night, had a great time and realized that, even though it’s 2005, some things haven’t changed from previous years.

1) The Trojans played flawlessly.

2) The band sounded great.

3) The PA announcer never gave us any out-of-town scores (even during lengthy timeouts) and never announced what the penalties on the field were for.


Is it too much to ask to take 30 seconds every now and then and give the crowd updated scores from around the country and to announce the penalties? The athletic department manages to find enough time during every break in the action to promote every other sport and the chance to buy season tickets for those sports.


Anaheim Hills



In NFL-football-starved Los Angeles, multitudes will assemble at the Coliseum, especially to support a winner. USC and Pete Carroll deserve credit for their recent success.

Beyond their control, however, the Trojans have inherited displaced Raider thug-fans, prompting the inside-the-stadium beer ban.

They have also sold faithful season-ticket holders down the river with additional, greedy add-on fees.

Not a pretty picture, Troy.

What goes around ...


La Habra



I was shocked when I went to the USC-Arkansas game to see the Coliseum parking lots charging $60 per car to park. This is price-gouging at its worst. USC charged only $20 to park on campus. Isn’t the Coliseum controlled through a public entity, the Coliseum Commission? One bets the commissioners didn’t pay $60 to park.


Porter Ranch