Lohan is at work and well-behaved

Accused party girl Lindsay Lohan is back at work on the set of “Georgia Rule” after receiving a scolding by letter from the producer, according to a spokesman for Morgan Creek Productions.

“She’s been on time and in great form since she received the letter,” company publicist Greg Mielcarz said Monday.

The unusual letter was written to the 20-year-old starlet last week by Morgan Creek chief James G. Robinson, who threatened to hold her financially responsible for numerous absences and late arrivals to the set that he said have cost “hundreds of thousands” of dollars in delays.

Lohan’s publicist did not respond to calls regarding Robinson’s letter, which accused Lohan of acting “unprofessional” and like “a spoiled child.” Robinson also said her excuses of illness and exhaustion were transparent euphemisms for “ongoing all-night heavy partying.”


In an interview scheduled to air Monday night with “Access Hollywood,” Dina Lohan, the actress’ mother, said Robinson was “way out of line.” She defended her daughter, saying she had been working in 105-degree heat that had aggravated her asthma. “She took herself to the hospital,” her mother said.

Lynn Smith