One unforgettable Czech cafeteria

KUDOS to Susan Spano for her article, “Visiting ‘In Between’ Places” [Her World, July 23]. She really knows how to travel. Western Bohemia is hardly on anyone’s travel radar, yet it yields unexpected pleasures.

In particular, her mention of the border town of Cheb brought back fond memories.

I had left Prague in the Czech Republic, intent on making it to Venice, Italy, by way of Munich, Germany, and Innsbruck, Austria. On a long day of cold, rainy travel, Cheb’s grim cafeteria, clinging to Soviet ambience, was the only option for lunch. How serendipitous to find the most welcoming beef vegetable soup and thick hunks of peasant bread to mop it up with.

I can still taste that soup and bread in Cheb. Another fine example of travel in the “in-between” places.



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