Labor analysis doesn’t work

Re “Mayor Set to Battle Labor Allies,” news analysis, Aug. 21

How can The Times imply that what the city’s Engineers and Architects Assn. wants is “largesse” and not cite the hefty increases that L.A. Department of Water and Power employees received? Why do you make it appear as though the city has to choose between granting appropriate increases for its employees and the hiring of 200 more police officers? Please put more balance and less bias in your reporting and place opinion where it belongs: in editorials.





Did I miss the part in the Aug. 21 article where your reporter sought comment from the Engineers and Architects Assn. on why it may strike this week? Could it be The Times distorted the association’s desire for cost-of-living adjustments comparable to those afforded DWP workers with union wage hikes?

It seems The Times’ news analysis is little more than a vehicle for City Hall’s spin in front of a strike that could cripple the city. When did journalists stop chewing before swallowing?

In the next few days, be sure to get it right -- association workers are only asking for what City Hall already gave DWP workers: equal work, equal pay.



Los Angeles