Ex-girlfriend of Pellicano asks judge for records

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Citing fear for her personal safety, the former girlfriend of Anthony Pellicano has asked a federal judge to order the indicted private eye and his attorney to turn over any information about her that they have obtained through subpoenas.

The unusual request, which will be heard by U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer later this month, follows Sandra Wil Carradine's sworn declaration that Pellicano had gone over her telephone records while behind bars and awaiting trial.

"The telephone records that Mr. Pellicano received included a great deal of personal information that has no conceivable relevance to his defense in his criminal case," Carradine said in her sworn statement. "For example, those records include times and dates of entirely personal calls and the telephone numbers of those to whom I spoke."

In her declaration, Carradine said she had recently discovered that Pellicano had obtained her phone records. She also claimed that she had already been "threatened by the actions" of Pellicano's mother -- who, Carradine alleges, told her she had shown Carradine's photo to a purported mob assassin planning to visit California.

Although Pellicano remains in custody without bail and could not be reached for comment Friday, his attorney, Steven Gruel, called Carradine's accusations "ludicrous and silly."

Gruel also criticized Carradine for bringing Pellicano's mother into the case. "Mr. Pellicano's mother is 83 years old. She lives alone. She has suffered two strokes," Gruel said. "She is extremely vulnerable. And it would not surprise me if Ms. Carradine manipulated a conversation, if it even occurred."

Carradine's attorneys countered that her concerns were legitimate and that there were ample grounds for the judge to order that she receive copies of the information provided to Pellicano and his attorney.

They also asked Fischer to give them an opportunity to challenge any future subpoenas issued by Pellicano for information about Carradine. A hearing was set for Dec. 18.

The ex-wife of actor Keith Carradine has been a fascinating recurring figure in the FBI's 4-year-old wiretap and racketeering investigation of Pellicano and others. A former client as well as girlfriend of Pellicano, she pleaded guilty in January to lying to a federal grand jury about knowing that Pellicano had wiretapped her ex-husband's phone.

Later, Pellicano's attorney alleged that Carradine had spied on Pellicano for the prosecution, visiting him in prison after she had secretly begun cooperating with the government.

In May, the government alleged that Pellicano had conspired with known mobsters in Chicago to put a prison "hit" on his co-defendant in another case. The allegation, denied by Pellicano, resurrected a federal prosecutor's earlier claim that Pellicano, while in prison, had asked Carradine to track down the co-defendant for him.


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