Goldberg is off the mark on Pinochet

Re "Iraq needs a Pinochet," Opinion, Dec. 14

There is no more horrifying example of terrorism than what Augusto Pinochet and his followers did. If Jonah Goldberg ever becomes acquainted with Chilean history, he will understand why no one ever needs a Pinochet.

Americans like Goldberg who are stricken with fear and ignorance shamelessly have their government promote executioners in the place of judicial servants. John F. Kennedy was neither afraid of nor arrogant toward the Soviet Union during a time when mutual nuclear destruction loomed.

What inspiration does Goldberg take from the true leaders of the free world? Apparently Goldberg skipped Kennedy and got only the books on tape of Oliver North, who testified that certain crimes are justified regardless if the consequence is death and torture.

Spend one day in a political prison, Goldberg.


Desert Hot Springs


With every passing day, the "why" of the Iraq conflict becomes more unclear. First, the reason for war was weapons of mass destruction. Then, it was to get rid of a bloody dictatorship. Now, prominent conservatives like Goldberg debate the relative merits of dictators such as Fidel Castro and Pinochet as models for Iraq.

Weren't we told just a few years back that the lack of democracy in the Arab world was fueling international terrorism? I read every day about brave men and women who die for Iraqis' freedom.

For their sake, it's high time for the foreign policy "experts" who lead us to war to level with the country and make clear what we really are in this conflict for.




Goldberg's prayer for the resurrection of right-wing dictator Pinochet to solve the chaos in Iraq is most incredible. The right-wing noise machine does have a love affair with dictators. One wonders why Goldberg picked an imitator like Pinochet when he could have called for the granddaddy of them all -- Adolf Hitler. He was, after all, the champion of final solutions.


El Cajon

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