Giving Dodgers some incentive

I just got my invoice from the Dodgers for my four "MVP Field Box" season tickets. The bill was for $24,560. These are seats (used to be five rows from the field, now nine) that have been in our family since the inception of Dodger Stadium. Two years ago the same four seats and parking pass were $12,450.

I've decided I need the help of Scott Boras. I figure with the Dodgers' postseason record, we could offer them the following contract: We'll pay $12,450 guaranteed. We'll pay an incentive bonus of $50 a game if the team makes it to the NLCS, an additional $50 a game if they make it to the World Series and one more $50-a-game incentive clause for winning the Series. The total is $24,900, more than they are billing me.




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