Creator enters 'Dilbert' cubicle

From the Baltimore Sun

He's been an extra in his own comic before -- but he's never appeared as himself until this week.

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, the popular comic strip that lampoons business office life, headlined his strip Monday and was back again Tuesday and Wednesday.

In an e-mail, Adams explained his decision to make an appearance. "There has always been an unwritten comic rule about violating the fourth wall (or third wall as I call it in the two-dimensional world)," he said. But he's become a fan of fellow cartoonist Stephan Pastis' wall-breaking work in his strip, Pearls Before Swine.

"The earth does not open up and swallow him. So I figured I was safe," said Adams, whose strip appears in more than 2,000 newspapers. "Plus, I like attention."



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