Sounding Off on Bikers

As a parent of a son who is on his second tour in Iraq, I am amazed by the West Coast Thunder ride ("Harley's Angels," by Dan Neil, 800 Words, June 11). The only thunder is from their exhaust pipes; anything else is pure crap. These are overweight, lazy, fat, mainly white guys and their counterparts (the ones on the back of the bikes). They are trying to show the world they are brave, tough and fearless warriors, and they use the exhaust pipe to announce their presence. They are people riding loud motorcycles. Period. Nothing else. It is a sham. Recognize it for what it is and please don't call it troop support or anything patriotic.

Don Goetzinger



One popular tactic used to dehumanize is to call people names. It's popular because it doesn't require the name caller to use any logic or thought--just hate. Dan Neil resorts to this tactic by calling George W. Bush "President Chimpy McFlightsuit."

In this way, he is obviously attempting to demonstrate his disdain for the leader of our country in a column that shows disdain for people (bikers in this case) who are too patriotic from his point of view. This, in my opinion, cheapens the essay, cheapens the L.A. Times and cheapens the reputation of Mr. Neil.

Don Halley


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