Taking care of the kids

Re " 'No' to sick kids," editorial, July 6

We agree: Health coverage for all our state's children makes sense on so many fronts -- economic, educational and public health among them. Front-end investment in health promotion and disease prevention is far less costly than rear-view remedial care.

Healthy kids also perform better in school. And by providing childhood immunizations, we protect the public's health as well.

Unfortunately, kids were allowed to be the political pawns in recent budget negotiations, drawn unnecessarily into the ugly debate around immigration. We should put our kids' health ahead of partisan politics.


President and Chief Executive

The California Endowment

Los Angeles


Your editorial was excellent as far as it went, but it ignores what I think is the logical solution. The United States should put all children younger than 18 in the same category for healthcare as people 65 and older, making them eligible for Medicare. We could means-test their premiums as we should be doing for those over 65. Warren Buffett's grandchildren, like Buffett himself, should pay more of the cost of their coverage than a family making less than $48,000 per year, the threshold for Healthy Families.

I am sure the GOP thinks it is doing God's work by beating up on the young and poor, but that should not keep us from recognizing the spirit of "doing unto others."


Newport Beach

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