Schwarzenegger plays to the crowd

Re "It's a Good Time for Angelides to Tune His Pitch," column, July 20

George Skelton wrote that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger "has benefited from a style change." A few paragraphs later, he wrote: "And which Schwarzenegger would we get: the celebrity non-politician, the blustering bully or the positive bipartisan?"

Skelton accurately describes and defines Schwarzenegger's governorship. For Schwarzenegger, being governor is just another acting role (granted that this role has real power). And he will act however he perceives he must to increase his box-office appeal.

I could opine here about the exigent for the American voter to look beyond the superficial and telegenic candidate, but I may as well wish that people would stop talking on their cellphones while driving. Neither will happen.



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