Teachers’ Pet Projects

The new season of “Project Runway” is underway, with six of 15 designers from the Golden State. That must make you wonder what became of last year’s L.A. contestant, Nick Verreos. Well, he just taught a course at the Learning Annex on how to break into the fashion industry. You may be thinking, “Those that can’t . . .” But think again: Donald Trump, Larry King and Sarah Jessica Parker have been Learning Annex instructors, too. Now, for next semester:

Craig Newmark: Creating Ads for Little-to-No Money!

Woody Allen: Caring for Your Adopted Child

Anthony Kiedis: Intro to Mexican Food-- Cooking with Habaneros


Tommy Lasorda: Managing the Diamond Business

Esa-Pekka Salonen: How to Conduct Yourself Properly

David Lee Roth: Breaking Into Syndicated Radio-- “Hello, I Must Be Going”

Pierre Omidyar: Let Go of Clutter and Make Money Doing It!


Jon Stewart: News Reporting: Surviving the Crossfire