Don’t blame Airbus for issues at LAX

Re “Rules of the runway,” editorial, July 22

The Times failed to check the basic facts of the relocation of L.A. International Airport’s southernmost runway. Both the Government Accountability Office and Los Angeles World Airports clearly state that this improvement has nothing to do with the introduction of the A380. The Times uses the A380 as a whipping post for issues related to much-needed improvements at LAX. Contrary to your claim that the A380 is too big for the existing runways at LAX, the A380 will require less runway than the Boeing 747, will reduce congestion through a reduction in needed airplane movements and will do this with half the noise, lower fuel utilization and significantly fewer emissions.

New large aircraft such as the A380 are a key component to increasing efficiency of future airport operations. We would hope to be welcomed as part of the solution and not criticized as part of the problem.



Chairman, Airbus North America

Herndon, Va.