Disney to make Nintendo games

From Reuters

Walt Disney Co.'s Buena Vista Game unit Tuesday announced a new video game studio that would focus on creating new and Disney-inspired titles for Nintendo Co.'s hand-held DS player and upcoming Wii console.

Scott Novis, who headed the Rainbow Studios team that developed the popular video game based on the Disney Pixar film “Cars,” was tapped to be vice president and general manager for Disney’s new Fall Line Studio, based in Salt Lake City.

Nintendo’s Wii console, which features a novel motion-sensitive controller, has captivated gaming enthusiasts and is set to make its U.S. debut Nov. 19.


The Japanese game company has also made a splash with its DS player, which has two screens, opens like a book and enables users to control play with a stylus.

Innovative titles such as “Nintendogs” and “Brain Age,” which let players pet and train dogs and exercise their mental skills respectively, have helped propel sales of the DS. Nintendo last month forecast that it will sell 20 million DS units during the fiscal year ending March.