In hot water over a white bathing suit

Nov. 27, 1917: "White Bathing Suits Taboo," read the headline in The Times after a teenager was arrested on the sands in Long Beach.

" 'It's a violation of the city ordinance to wear white bathing suits on this beach,' was the comment of a police officer today as he ordered Miss Marion Williams, 17 years old, to quit the surf and accompany him to police headquarters. 'Your suit is too closefitting and white is too realistic, and there's not enough of it at either the top or bottom,' was the officer's further comment as he marched the young lady off to the police station," The Times reported.

"The young lady donned a cloak which ... enshrouded her graceful figure, and accompanied the officer as ordered, while the other bathers on the beach gave vent to their indignation."

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