Opponents of torture speak out

Re “Torture’s blame game,” Opinion, Dec. 13

Rosa Brooks presents excellent reasoning regarding all those suspected of being complicit regarding the use of deplorable interrogation techniques. However, we disagree that as a people we gave the “green light.” Not all of us did. We suspect that there are many like us who do not want to be lumped into the category of collective blame. The administration and all its minions ignored the pleas and outrage from the experts, the military and people like us.

Since 2002, we have been writing letters and signing petitions in protest of the administration’s actions, which are definitely impeachable offenses if anyone can place specific blame. Ah, those darn tapes; uh oh, they’ve been destroyed.

Joan Forman


Arturo Adame

Redondo Beach


I am not a resident of the “village” that delights in viewing “24.” I also wonder how any professed Christians could watch this program when they certainly must be aware of the torture that Jesus Christ endured before his death on the cross. You don’t have to be a member of any organized religion to know that torture is immoral and an aberration in the psyche of those who use it as well as those who approve its use. Let most of the blame fall on the shoulders of George W. (“We do not torture”) Bush.

Celine E. Riedel

Avon Lake, Ohio


Thank you, Rosa Brooks, for calling my voice out against our policy of torturing detainees. I have not said a word except in quiet complaints to like-minded friends. So here I am. I am absolutely opposed to torturing detainees. We have become what we detest: terrorists. Stop now.

Laura F. Meyers

Marina del Rey