Pay check

Los Angeles City Council members are getting a fourth pay raise in less than three years, and although some will forgo the hike because of the city’s financial problems, most will take it. How does that salary compare with those of some counterparts across the country?

-- Swati Pandey

Los Angeles 15 members: $178,789

New York 51 members: $112,500


(plus stipends for certain roles, such as $28,500 for the speaker)

Chicago 50 ward aldermen: $104,101

(approved for 2008)

San Francisco 11 supervisors: $95,507


Boston 13 members: $87,500

San Diego 8 members: $75,386

San Jose 10 members: $75,000

Denver 13 members: $73,512

Phoenix 8 members: $61,600

Houston 14 members: $51,758

Atlanta 15 members: $39,473

(for part-time work; the council president makes slightly more)


Sources: Officials from the listed cities