Test notes

Re “High Stakes for Young Test Takers,” Feb. 6

I’m glad I grew up years ago. I went to school to learn. Now, children have to do well on tests just to get into a school. If they score high enough to get into the school of their choice, what is there left to do, except learn how to do well on the next test? Learning and testing don’t have a lot in common. ROBERT H. WILLIAMS

Monterey Park



The Times’ article on the pressures of private school entrance exams overlooks the failings of the L.A. public school system. It wasn’t long ago that parents at all income levels could confidently send their sons and daughters to district schools for a sound education. The collapse of the school district has meant greater profits for private schools and shameful stress for our city’s youngsters, who are now confronted with adult priorities before they reach puberty.


Valley Village