Mt. Oscar


OH YEAH, AND MY WIFE: The new "Thank-You Cam" backstage allows winners to read their mandatory Tinseltown gratitude lists in the privacy of the Internet. But will Brad Grey still get his props on national TV?


RED-CARPET MAKEOVER: Vogue's Andre Leon Talley provides red-carpet fashion commentary. The obvious sequel to "The Devil Wears Prada."

HOPE THERE'S A WATCH IN HER SWAG BAG: The last time Laura Ziskin produced, the show clocked in at 4 hours and 23 minutes. This year, she's trying to move the acceptance speeches to the Web.


PAGING POSH AND BECKS: Sure, the governor and the mayor and the police chief are all on the guest list. But can the Oscars land L.A.'s really big fish -- David and Victoria Beckham?

PLEASE REMAIN SEATED: In an effort to keep the audience from defecting during commercials, a DJ has been hired to play during the breaks at the Kodak. If they really wanted to make a difference, they'd get the Dixie Chicks.

IT REALLY IS HIGH SCHOOL WITH MONEY: Governors Ball scraps assigned seating in favor of a Tuscan-style buffet with casual seating and 14 interactive kitchens. Do winners get cuts in line?


AIR KISSES OPTIONAL: Vanity Fair installs a live webcam at its Oscar party. Let's hope it's not in the ladies' room.

NO SEXY TIME FOR OSCAR: Producer Laura Ziskin said Sacha Baron Cohen was asked to present but declined. But does that rule his alter-ego Borat?

STILETTO ALERT: Emergency fix-it work is underway to repair buckling sidewalks on the Walk of Fame outside the Kodak. Think of it as Botox for another kind of Hollywood star.

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