Landlord faces 40 criminal charges

Times Staff Writer

A Fullerton apartment complex owner has been charged with 40 criminal violations after a long history of complaints alleging unhealthy conditions in his units, city officials said.

Parkin Gardens, owned by Gregory L. Parkin on the 1200 block of South Gilbert Street, was the site of 420 violations this summer, according to Fullerton code enforcement officials who obtained a court order to inspect the 45-unit complex.

The most egregious of the abuses, they said, were cockroach and rodent infestations, holes in walls, and plumbing and heating problems.

Since 1995 the city has received 45 complaints about the complex.

"We don't like to do this because it's very expensive for the city," said Kirke Warren, Fullerton's community preservation supervisor. "But if we can't get the place to stay in compliance, filing criminal charges is our last resort."

Warren said the city began its most recent investigation in July after receiving a lengthy complaint from a tenant.

He said many residents did not complain about the living conditions.

"A lot of the tenants are just happy to have a house," he said. "The market is pretty tight. We took action because we're determined not to let this kind of thing exist in our city."

Parkin could not be reached for comment. He is scheduled for arraignment Oct. 22.

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