Boy-toys put a new spin on the Axis of Evil


Say goodbye to Hello Kitty. Leave the Homies at home. Thanks to an L.A.-based toy company, there’s a new world order in the collectible universe, and at least some of these characters aren’t just bad -- they’re pure evil. (Insert evil “hmmmwaah” laugh here.)

Designed by local pop-culture artist Plasticgod for Super Rad Toys, the Axis of Evil are 5-inch, news-inspired characters: Saddam Hussein, Tony Blair, Kim Jong Il, George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden. The movable figures come packaged together, with a flip-open window box for easy display.

“We’re trying to bring something new to the table,” says Super Rad President Jonathan Cathay “Our [toys] are art-centric and outside the box.”


The concept for the Axis of Evil collectibles came from a digital print created by Plasticgod, who was inspired by President Bush’s now-infamous statement. “These men were the most prominent in the media,” Plasticgod says. “They’re the main figures in this crazy war that’s going on.” As for who falls where on the evil spectrum -- and how Kim Jong Il fits in -- you provide the geopolitical spin.

The series is being released in mid-September selling online and through select retail outlets. Each set costs $120 and, yes, that’s a steep price to pay. But no one’s ever said that “evil” comes cheap.