Beijing blog aimed at kids

It's easy for kids to get caught up in the excitement and fervor of the Olympics, which began Friday. But what's the best way for parents to tie in some educational travel elements about China while they're stuck to the boob tube? National Geographic Kids ( has a "Kids-Eye View of Beijing" for the Olympics.

What's hot: David, a 12-year-old American who lives in Beijing, is blogging at least twice a week. His work, "You Are Here: Beijing," gives kids a front-row seat to his life during the Summer Games. Follow this eighth-grader as he visits the Water Cube and answers questions about topics as diverse as what's cool about living in China and how school is affected by air pollution.

What's not: It's a new blog so posts are few, but David has tickets to several events, including volleyball, swimming, and track and field, so the blog should gain momentum. Meanwhile, check out the "Get the Scoop" section, where you can learn about China. And because it's National Geographic, you'll find lots of great photos.

-- Jen Leo

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