Broadband links by satellite is a costly option

If you live in an area that still doesn’t have access to broadband service by phone or cable, you can look to the skies.

HughesNet offers broadband satellite service just about anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, as long as you can mount a dish antenna in a spot that has a clear view of the southern sky.

But some might say the price is nearly sky-high too.

The monthly fee for the slowest service at 1 mbps is $59.99 a month. And that’s if you pay upfront for the equipment and installation, which costs $400, although a current rebate program takes it down to $300.


If you don’t prepay for the equipment and installation, the monthly charge for 1-mbps speed is $79.99.

The highest download speed available is 3 mbps for $189.99 a month with the prepayment and $209.99 without it.

-- David Colker