Heavenly station

Re “William ‘Engineer Bill’ Stulla, 1911-2008,” Aug. 15

Engineer Bill was a great man, and he played an important part in the lives of so many of us, including me. Your mention of him along with Skipper Frank, Tom Hatten and Sheriff John stirred wonderful memories of milk-covered lips, traffic signals and perhaps the greatest animal hero of them all: Crusader Rabbit.

I can still recall walking home from grammar school as fast as I could at lunch time (when kids were still allowed to do that) to catch Crusader and Rags the Tiger. Those were truly special days, and for Engineer Bill, I’d simply quote that wonderful old song and say, “Keep your hand upon the throttle and your eye upon the rail.”

God bless, Engineer Bill, it’s green light forever for you now.


Lon M. Burns

Manhattan Beach