Appalling lawsuit

Re “Family files claims in Oxnard school shooting,” Aug. 16

I’m appalled (but not surprised) that Lawrence King’s parents would seek financial gain from the school district and others for his murder on the worst possible premise -- that the school district either didn’t “treat” him (presumably for the “affliction” of being gay or for cross-dressing), or that it permitted him to attend school dressed effeminately, or that it allowed him to attend school at all.

If the district is guilty of anything, it would be exactly the opposite. It would be for tolerating a homophobic environment and bullying among students -- not for allowing King to be who he was. The corrective action is not to suppress effeminate guys, for otherwise they face being killed in school. The school must provide a safe environment for all.

It sounds as if King’s parents are perpetrating a further injustice on the soul of their son -- whom they apparently abandoned in life and want to reclaim in death because he could be a cash cow -- rather than making schools safer for kids like him.


Harvey H. Liss