Freed Glitter back in homeland

From the Associated Press

Mobbed by photographers and greeted by police, faded ex-rocker Gary Glitter arrived in Britain on Friday at the end of a four-day odyssey after being deported from Vietnam for molesting children.

Glitter’s lawyer quickly declared that he had been unfairly convicted and announced the singer’s intention to clear his name.

London seemed to be the last place Glitter, 64, wanted to be, but his native country was also apparently his only choice. After he was released from a Vietnamese prison Tuesday, Glitter headed first to Thailand, where he was told he was not welcome. He then tried Hong Kong with the same result.

His lawyer, David Corker, said the former rock star, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, was “pleased” to be back in Britain, because he would have a chance to clear his name. “He tells me that his trial in Vietnam . . . was a travesty of justice,” Corker said. “Mr. Gadd wants through me to say to you that he did not commit the offenses he was convicted of in Vietnam.”


Glitter was convicted in Vietnam of committing “obscene acts with children.”