MSNBC, but hold the bias

I WANTED to thank you for your article on Chuck Todd [“Gotcha, 24/7" by Matea Gold, Aug. 17].

I became a “political junkie” in the last years with my late father. We watched all the news shows and enjoyed MSNBC, Chris Matthews especially, except for the fact that we’re Republicans and they are unabashedly in the tank for Obama, which gets really tiring.

The reason I like Chuck Todd is that he is not biased. He is a numbers guy and, though probably is also in the tank, doesn’t show it. His insights are fresh and intelligent, and as far as I can tell, correct.

That means a lot to those of us who aren’t voting for Obama.


What gets so nauseatingly tiring about MSNBC is their lopsided idol worship, and I long for more “fair and balanced” coverage without having to turn to Fox cable, which is really infantile in some ways.

Stephanie Voss

Newport Beach