Irresponsible behavior?

Re “Chasing the news all night,” Column One, Aug. 20

Why in the world would you glorify the dangerous and illegal stunts the Raishbrook brothers commit during their efforts to get police pursuits and shooting scenes on video? The brothers are obviously attempting to appear as police officers while driving like absolute idiots just to get their moneymaking shots.

Police, fire and ambulance vehicles and their trained drivers must obey all rules of the road except when operating their emergency lights and sirens to warn other drivers. The brothers featured in your article, by their own admission and the description of the writer, regularly engage in speeds exceeding 100 mph. Howard Raishbrook swears that he was put on the planet to film police chases. What about the lives of all those he and his brother endanger with their antics?

Assuming RMG News carries liability insurance, with coverage hopefully in the $100-million range, I would love to be a fly on the wall in their carrier’s underwriter’s office when this comes to their attention. The brothers and their company need to be drastically reined in by whatever means necessary before they kill somebody in their ridiculous efforts to be first to get the shot, no matter the cost. The Raishbrook brothers are a disaster waiting to happen.


Roger Vaden

Simi Valley