Views of the redwoods

Re “A truce amid the redwoods,” Aug. 24

I’m glad this article was on the front page -- that’s where it belonged. I wish others could take steps toward understanding and accommodating those with different views.

Mike Jani, president of Humboldt Redwood Co., indicated that his company would address concerns of the “tree-sitting” protesters.

In turn, one of the protesters, Amy Arcuri, made a positive and forward-looking statement that there will be squabbles but that she hopes trust can prevail.


It’s heartening to see both sides looking toward the positive. If only our state legislators could understand this type of accommodation and finalize the budget.

Dave Hinkley

Palos Verdes Estates

The commitment by the Humboldt Redwood Co. to protect old-growth redwood trees represents progress for the environmental community.


However, the real battle being waged in Humboldt County -- to save homes and property from sediment damage and flooding that result from the failure of the industry-leaning North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board to enforce water-quality laws -- continues.

The Humboldt Watershed Council and the downstream residents have made progress in the 10 years we’ve fought the regional water board and Pacific Lumber Co. to obtain proper regulation of sediment discharges from logging operations in the Freshwater Creek and Elk River watersheds, but it’s not over yet.

Surely people and their property deserve consideration and protection on a par with that afforded old-growth redwood trees.

Cletus Isbell


Freshwater, Calif.