Losing business?

Re “Paying fair,” editorial, Aug. 26

Assembly Bill 437 does far more than “simply make clear that the Ledbetter reasoning is the wrong model for interpreting state labor law.” It essentially eliminates the statute of limitations for discrimination suits, thereby clogging the system with decades-old lawsuits with unspecified damages.

California’s businesses already face enough litigation threats. Our state routinely has the “honor” of being voted among the worst business climates in the country. I have to believe frivolous lawsuits are a major factor.

Rather than pass laws that would entice businesses to relocate to or expand in California, our legislators customarily introduce and pass bills such as AB 437, which only invite more abuse of California’s employment laws. At the same time, our elected officials further pander to the trial-lawyer lobby by killing common-sense legal reforms in committee year after year.


The Times’ editorial was spot on when it said, “Willful discrimination does not create a terrific business climate.” However, neither does an overly litigious state.

Robert M. Brower