Counting the votes' implications


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Why? Voters upheld the governor's Indian gambling deals and backed John McCain, whom he endorsed.

What's next? Casino deals will yield hundreds of millions of dollars for state coffers. An association with McCain could boost his national political profile.


Steve Poizner

Why? The state insurance commissioner led the campaign against the term limits measure and put $2.5 million of his money into the effort: Voters sided with him.

What's next? He's a potential candidate for governor in 2010.


William J. Bratton

Why? The Los Angeles Police Department chief's loud support for the city's phone tax was a major factor in its pas- sage.

What's next? Will whoever wins the White House need an experienced law enforcement executive to head Homeland Security?


Four Indian tribes

Why? Voters allowed them 17,000 more slot machines worth billions of dollars.

What's next? It could take years to expand fully, if they do so.



Fabian Nunez and Don Perata

Why? The legislative bosses raised copious cash for the campaign to change term limits, which would have allowed them to run for the Legislature again.

What's next? Term limits will force them out in December; both are lame ducks.


Maria Elena Durazo

Why? The leader of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and hotel workers union fought to block the Indian gambling compacts, whose labor provisions antagonized unions. She also backed Barack Obama over Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What's next? She'll continue to try to unionize casino employees.


Community colleges

Why? Voters rejected a ballot measure to guarantee them more funding.

What's next? The governor wants their budgets cut 10%.



Why? They spent millions trying to overturn the Indian gambling deals.

What's next? Hollywood Park may be replaced with houses and shops. Track attendance has been declining.


-- Patrick McGreevy

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