Save your money -- it's all in the wrist

Now that mineral makeup comes cheap (5 bucks a jar!) or luxe ($38 and counting), we put four popular brands to the test. We spent a day in each, going from morning Starbucks to after-work cocktails, to see which lasted longest and looked the best. We buffed on crushed minerals by E.L.F., Lauren Hutton, Bare Escentuals and MAC.

And surprise, on the face, we could detect no difference among them.

There were a few ingredient variations (Bare Minerals contains bismuth oxychloride; Lauren Hutton does not) and color differences (MAC was a bit too yellow), each wore the same, and none irritated sensitive skin.

The real trick to a flawless look wasn't the brand, but the technique.

John Stapleton, senior makeup artist with MAC, recommends a dense brush for more coverage, a softer brush for minimal coverage. Start with a small amount of powder, and buff it in around the nose and work your way out (since most imperfections are in the middle of the face). Add more powder as needed and even another layer for a concealing effect.


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