Best bets on the best beds


Your dream of getting the exact hotel room you want has nearly come true. Cross your fingers and hope the other guests checking in ahead of you haven’t used

What’s hot: Trip Kick does for hotels what Seat Guru did for finding the best seats on planes. You can find out which rooms have the best views or greatest bathrooms, which room numbers you need to request to get an oversized corner room and -- most important -- which room numbers you want to avoid and why. Use the advanced search tool to get a hotel recommendation based on style: Hip & Trendy, Romantic Getaway, Golf Resort, Business/Convention, Historic, Family Getaway etc. Now that you know what rooms are ideal for you, how do you get one? The Insider Tips section offers guidance.

Note: If your searches come up with no results, search again with fewer requests. The first time I looked at Trip Kick I was surprised that I couldn’t search for a hotel by whether it had a pool or Wi-Fi. But the site later added both functions.


What’s not: Trip Kick is easy to love, but one major downside is that it covers only about a dozen U.S. destinations, including L.A., San Diego and San Francisco. Why? Co-founders Daniel Dobrott and Bryant Waters visit every hotel on their own dime. Still, they’re trying to add five more cities this year.

-- Jen Leo