Menial labor? That depends

Re “Disconcerted by their American dream,” July 27

I love you newspaper folks, I really do; I’m pulling for you most of the time. However, on occasion, your snobbery smothers my attempts to feel good about my affection.

A case in point: Times staff writer Doug Smith talks about his friend and interpreter, Saif, as wanting to come to the United States now that it may be possible for him to do so. Although Saif was a pharmacist in Iraq, Smith nonetheless laments, “It would break my heart to see him standing guard in a supermarket.”

I’ve worked security only a few times in my life, but it’s not very comforting to know that Times reporters think pretty low of menial positions. Maybe the billions we’ve sent have spoiled these Iraqis. Not all of us can have the lofty position of newspaper reporter or pharmacist.


Frederick Cleveland

Los Angeles