Rub a dub dub, a suspect in a tub

Los Angeles police officers swooped into a house that was being burglarized and found one of the suspects lying face down in the bathtub and very much alive. “One great thing about suspects,” said the Thin Blue Line, a department newspaper, “is that the majority of them subscribe to the ostrich school of subterfuge: If I just stick my head in the sand, maybe no one will see me.”

Real estate turnaround?

Maybe things aren’t so bad after all. Jack Grimshaw of Orange chanced upon a listing for a rather modest structure priced at more than $4 million (see photo). Of course it was in Newport Beach.

Unclear on the concept


Byron Myhre of Palos Verdes Estates found a sign in a hospital parking structure that wouldn’t be so helpful for patients who required the use of an elevator (see photo).

Directionally challenged

Sure, the land is always shifting here. But after viewing the picture of the sign sent in by Jack Paladin of Valencia, one must ask, Did north and south actually change places? (see photo).

Out of their gourds?


In case you missed this shot in the “strange but true” file on The Times’ website, here’s an unusual “sales and service” company, taken by a contributor with a name spelled as “Racoon” (see photo). As one Times reader pointed out, you better make reservations if you want to do business with this company around Halloween.

Only in Hollywood Dept.

An advisory Friday night from the Los Angeles Fire Department said rescuers were responding to reports of a plane down near Figueroa Street in Eagle Rock. Six minutes later, a new advisory said the fallen plane was “at a movie shoot and no one was hurt.”

Battle of the brains


Those practical jokers at Caltech infiltrated the annual “mystery hunt” of arch-rival MIT, an event involving attempts to solve several puzzles over a 48-hour period. The intruders from the West brought 500 copies of their own puzzle, which were soon snapped up by MIT students, Caltech’s Tim Black said. The exercise yielded this mysterious answer: “CALL 1-626-848-3780 ASAP.”

Any MITer who phoned it heard this recorded message: “Thank you for calling the Caltech Admissions Office. If you are another MIT student wishing to transfer to Caltech, please download our transfer application form from If you are an MIT student not wishing to transfer to Caltech, we wish you the best of luck, and hope you find happiness someday. . . . “


The USC police crime log listed the removal of “a female dental student’s drill that was left unattended on a tabletop” at the Norris Dental Science Center. At least she didn’t leave it in somebody’s mouth.



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