Kathy Griffin

Griffin’s Emmy-winning reality show, “My Life on the D-List,” returns for its fourth season tonight on Bravo -- it finds her opening the Oprah-inspired Kathy Griffin Leadership Academy in Mexico -- just before she hosts the network’s “A List Awards.” And the Hollywood Hills resident is about to release “For Your Consideration,” a CD “created exclusively for the purpose of gaining a Grammy nomination.” But what makes a winning weekend?

RAGS TO RICHES If I have a show, I take all the gossip rags to California Chicken on Melrose and get the Caesar salad. I try to be healthy, so no croutons and dressing on the side. I consider this work time -- and they have the never-ending diet soda bar. I’m a big fan of Doughboys, so if I’m not working, I always get the After-School Special, a sandwich with this magical heroin cheese, plus a giant portion of tomato soup. I order the red velvet cake to go; it was chosen by Gayle King on “Oprah” as best cake in the country.

PANCAKE POSERS No way I’m getting up for some 8 o’clock breakfast on Saturday. I get up at 10 or 11 and go to the Griddle, where they have a stack of pancakes the size of a birthday cake. Yes, I wait in line with all the other posers. I saw Justin Timberlake there; his aura said, “Go away.” I’ll get the waffles with a side of butter and warm syrup. It better be warm, or I’ll send it back. Then I like to take a walk up and down Sunset from Doheny to Highland and back with pals.

PROOPS PROPS Saturday night I’ll party. I love the spaghetti at the Chateau Marmont. I might go to Largo, because they have interesting acts. I love Greg Proops. I think Dana Gould is hilarious. I’m going to see Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams.

VALLEY GAL I know it’s old school, but I’m not afraid to admit I go to California Pizza Kitchen. I order the BLT pizza, with the bacon extra done. They have too much attitude at the one at Hollywood and Highland, so I go to the one in Studio City. And they have a Cold Stone Creamery below. I take my sweet cream ice cream with fudge and caramel home for later. Sunday afternoon has great TV. I’ll watch “Bridezillas” on the WE, Christine Amanpour on CNN. Later, I take my dogs, Chance and Pom-Pom, to Runyon Canyon. It’s like Doggy Disneyland. The amount of drool is impressive. I start at the top -- I don’t want to run in to Leonardo DiCaprio. Then it’s home to my secret stash of Cold Stone.