Mariah and Zeppelin: His culture does clash

As A member of the performance group Culture Clash, Herbert Siguenza has been bringing his uncanny humor and political satire to the stage since 1984. Fresh off a monthlong run of its show, “Culture Clash in AmeriCCa” at South Coast Repertory, Siguenza is in production on “Private Eddie U.S.A.,” a play he wrote examining the effect of the Iraq war during a funeral for a fallen soldier. It runs this weekend and next at Plaza de la Raza and May 23 and 24 at REDCAT. Siguenza recently elaborated on culture of the pop variety kind.

What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod?

Mariah Carey’s “E=MC2.” Not as good as her last album, but it’s the best R&B; album out there. I also downloaded my high school heroes: Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits.

Do you TiVo? What are you watching on TV these days?

I was hooked on “In Treatment” with Gabriel Byrne and “Rock of Love 2" with Bret Michaels.


What’s in your Netflix queue?

I got frustrated with Netflix because I do not like to wait. I order On Demand, it’s instant gratification. I just saw “Atonement” with my wife. We both cried and thought it should have won the Academy Award.

What’s on your bedstand library?

I’m reading “A Life of Picasso” by John Richardson. I’m doing research on the greatest artist of the 20th century. He’s the subject of my next one-man play.

Top Internet destinations:

I don’t really like surfing the ‘net. I’d rather read the paper or listen to KCRW for my news. There is a song in “Avenue Q” that I find awfully truthful: “The Internet Is for Porn!”

Any YouTube favorites?

I like watching old Mexican TV shows from the ‘70s like “Los Polivoces.” Cantinflas clips are great.

Guilty pleasure:

Cleaning my downtown loft and listening to Paul McCartney and Wings. Perfect Saturday morning cleaning music.


-- Liesl Bradner